About Yuna Kim

About Yuna Kim


Kim Yu-Na (Hangul: 김연아, Hanja: 金姸兒, IPA: [kimjʌna]; born September 5, 1990) is a South Korean figure skater.

She is the 2010 Olympic champion in Ladies’ Singles, the 2009 World champion, the 2009 Four Continents champion, a three-time (2006–2007, 2007–2008, 2009–2010) Grand Prix Final champion, the 2006 World Junior champion, the 2005–2006 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a four-time (2002–2005) South Korean national champion.

Kim is the first South Korean figure skater to win a medal at an ISU Junior or Senior Grand Prix event, ISU Championship, and the Olympic Games. She is the first female skater to win the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Four Continents Championships and the Grand Prix Final. She is one of the most highly recognized athletes and media figures in South Korea.

She is the current record holder for ladies in the short program, the free skating  and the combined total  under the ISU Judging System. She is also the first female skater to surpass the 200-point mark under the ISU Judging System. She has never been placed off the podium i


Kim was born in 1990 in Bucheon, Gyeonggi and moved to Gunpo when she was six years old. She trains in South Korea and the United States.

In 2008, Kim was baptized as a Catholic alongside her mother, taking the saint’s name Stella.In 2009, Kim enrolled at Korea University as a Physical Education major.

The correct transliteration of her name from Korean would be ‘Kim Yeona’. However, when she applied for her passport, she intended to write her name as ‘Yun-a’, but the official mis-wrote her name as ‘Yu-na’. In Hangul, ‘Yun-a’ would properly be spelled “연아” and not “유나.” From the 2010-2011 season, her name was registered as ‘Yuna Kim’ at ISU profile.




About Yuna Kim

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